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How our story starts…
For 150 years, the hidden kingdom of Frognolia has been a wondrous land of lush green forests, swampy lakes, and packs of Bud—weis—er. Thousands of hoppin’ mad frogs live here, and their parties are legendary: the clubs are always jumping in Frognolia.
But leaping forward to the present day, there’s a problem. And it’s a big one.
Swooping down and killing these innocent green creatures for no reason.
I mean, it’s bad.
Frogs are croaking left, right, and center.
Recently, King Ribbit — the most ambitious of the amphibians — called a meeting with the High Council, the greatest minds in Frognolia. King Ribbit needed a solution and quick.
He laid out a table of snacks: bowls of dead spiders and chunky flies.
“So,” King Ribbit said, “how can we stop these storks killing everyone in FN?”
Dr Toady Newton put his hand up. “We could gather supplies and offer to pay them off?”
“No! Stupid idea!” said The King. “You’re fired. Get out!” — Dr Newton left. “Next?”
A tentative hand was raised. This was Sally Mander. “What if we negotiate with the foxes and pay them for protection?”
“Ridiculous! You’re fired too! Out!”
“Oh.” Sally Mander bounced out of the office.
Finally, a young frog called Chad Pole jumped up with an answer. “Disguises?”
“What if we wear disguises? So they won’t see us?”
The King stared at him.
Then stared at him some more.
Then tipped his head sideways.
“Brilliant! What an idea!” The King leapt up on to the table. “Let’s do it immediately!”
And just like that, King Ribbit declared that every frog in Frognolia should wear a disguise henceforth—for protection. These disguises were numerous: hats, moustaches, crowns, rainbow-coloured gems, extra eyeballs, whatever. As long as the frogs looked slightly different from their original selves. That’s it. That’s all they needed to do to survive.
Now, you and I both know that’s a stupendously DUMB idea.
Like, just plain silly.
These storks will be able to spot the frogs a mile away, and they’ll swoop down and peck at their eyes until they’re dead. The only way to save these naive frogs from extinction is for YOU GUYS to help out.
Save a frog
View The FrogsAll across the land, frogs are being snatched up by storks. King Ribbit needs YOUR help to save the remaining 10,000 frogs in disguise. Join his kingdom TODAY and check out the mysterious world of Frognolia.View on Opensea
The Team
Person One
King RibbitThe King
Person Two
The DoctorDeveloper
Person Three
Person Four
The Town CrierMarketing
Person Five
KeysWeb Designer
…Where our story continues
1000 FrogsWhen 1000 frogs are SAVED from murder-by-stork, King Ribbit will airdrop FIVE of you lucky, heroic frog-savers a unique Frogs in Disguise main character, including: King Ribbit himself, Chad Pole, Sally Mander, Dr Toady Newton, and the leader of the storks. (No one else can buy or get these characters.)
5000 FrogsWhen 5000 frogs are saved from being pecked-to-death, King Ribbit will pay for a Times Square Billboard to promote Frognolia’s mission to the masses, bringing in more heroes to save our precious Frogs in Disguise from a grisly death! The more frogs saved, the stronger and bigger the Frognolia world will grow.
7500 FrogsWhen 7500 frogs are saved from being storked-in-the-throat, King Ribbit will buy back 500 of his Frogs in Disguise characters in the first 2 weeks that fall below 0.08eth. He will do this to keep the floor high, good people. King Ribbit is a benevolent frog who spreads the love! He wants everyone to enjoy the wealth.
10000 Frogs (Sold Out)When 10,000 froggy-woggies are saved, King Ribbit—the fly-eatin’, lily-pad-jumpin’, stork-fighter—will buy back another 1000 of his precious frogs in the first 2 weeks that fall below 0.08eth, making a total of 1500 frogs that he’ll buy back. King Ribbit is all about keeping that floor high!
But wait! There’s more…
Animated SeriesKing Ribbit has many plans up his green sleeves. He’s going to create a regular, animated Frogs in Disguise YouTube series. And YOU, the saver of frogs, the hero of Frognolia, will get a percentage of the ad revenue if your saved frog is used in any of the episodes. And many, if not all, of the frogs will be used over time.
MerchandiseKing Ribbit will create Frogs in Disguise merchandise to spread the love of Frognolia. T-shirts, toys, the whole nine swamps; if you can think of it, he’ll probably do it—and YOU, Mr Frog Adopter, will gain a percentage of the profits—if your saved frog is used on any item. And why wouldn’t it be? There’s a lot to be created!
Frogs in Disguise GameKing Ribbit will release a new NFT, but with a twist: digital frog spawn you can raise. But ONLY those who saved a Frogs in Disguise character can apply. These NFTs will be like a tamagotchi—you’ll have to raise it on the blockchain, from spawn to tadpole, etc. Look after it, and it will soon develop to the next level.
When will the animated series start?
Can you tell me more about the game?
Why should I save a frog?
How to save (mint) a frog?
Okay I saved (minted) a frog, why shouldn’t I sell it?
Is my Frog Unique?
Are some frogs in disguise rarer than others?